Entertainment for 2018

We are ECSTATIC to announce our musical guest for Fort Wayne PPD 2018 will be

You can find more information on them on their Facebook page and CD Baby store!


We are currently accepting applications for entertainment for Fort Wayne Pagan Pride 2018.  Please email entertainment@fortwayneppd.org for more information.


Workshops for 2018

Making Your Way Home ~ Facilitated by Beth Zimmerman

A workshop on visualizing the potential in your own world.  We will work on defining goals, realistically aiming our expectations, and how to recognize once you get it.


Accidental Talismans ~ Facilitated by Amy Alice Christensen

A talisman is thought to be a magical object, something that has been infused with terrible power and created by only the most powerful magicians.  But a talisman is simply an expression of a desire, of faith.  A talisman is any object that holds a belief.  You don’t have to be a wizard to make a talisman.  Everyone makes them; they are our wedding bands, the baby pictures of our children, and scrapbooks from a special trip.  However, we infuse talismans of a darker nature even more easily; they are the creatures that lurk under our beds and the monsters that lie in our closets in the form of boxes, stuff and junk we know we should get rid of…but somehow…it’s attached itself to us.  Our junk and clutter are powerful talismans which have taken on a sentient life of their own; feeding off of our life force, depleting our energy, keep us harnessed to the past and holding us back from the possibilities of the future.  Participants will learn how our Accidental Talismans affect us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Most lectures and books concerning clutter focus on the physical aspects of clutter, some touch on the emotional and psychological but few propose that there is a spiritual aspect as well.  Accidental Talismans asks the one question most people want to avoid, “Why do I still need this thing?”  There is always a reason behind the thing, and we need the answer in order to obtain the life that is waiting for us.  One does not have to be a hoarder to benefit from this topic; everyone has “things” that hold them back, it is a bi-product of our personal evolution.


Energy Working to Heal Fort Wayne ~ Peace Tree Ceremony ~ Facilitated by Jain Young and Rusty Piazza

Learn about Rusty’s idea to unite spiritual healers in Fort Wayne area to do some serious energy work. One of these energy work endeavors will be based on the Buryat shamanic practice called the Peace Tree Ceremony. The Buryats of Siberia believe that all energy is conscious, and can be contacted and receive communication. They also believe that when there is some kind of harsh event such as a bad accident or violence, there are residual energies that linger, and can affect people who happen to unknowingly encounter these pockets or ‘bad energy vortexes.’ So the Buryat shaman will conduct a Peace Tree Ceremony as a way to connect with the residual energies and influence them to become a benevolent force instead of murky one. A spiritual alliance has been created to conduct a series of energy workings in the style of the Peace Tree Ceremony, and one will be offered in this workshop at Pagan Pride Day! The Pagan community will also be invited to continue to join the spiritual healing alliance over the next year to conduct these ceremonies all over town.


Do you love to teach?  We are looking for a few good teachers to fill our workshop schedule!  Send our Workshop Coordinator an email at workshop@fortwayneppd.org!


Keep checking back here for more announcements about entertainment and workshops!  We will be adding to them as they are approved!