We are no longer taking applications for 2018.  If you have any questions, please contact the email listed below and our vendor coordinator will get right back to you!


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2018 Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Vendors and Information Booths!


FOOD TRUCK: Street Chef


The Street Chef food bus will once again be joining us in the parking lot!

3 Knotty Sisters

Witch hats, painted boxes and Pagan themed crafts.

Allen County Department of Environmental Management 


Since its inception in 1991, the Allen County Solid Waste Management District has been dedicated to providing residents with unique recycling and waste reduction opportunities. The Allen County Department of Environmental Management will carry on as your source for recycling and waste reduction information and more.

Artes and Craft LLC

The largest dedicated Pagan and witchcraft store in Michigan. Awarded “Best Witchcraft Store 2017” by Jason Mankey. We specialize in the unique, hand crafted, hand forged and hard to find.

Bear Cave Soaps

Bear Cave Soaps is a handmade soap company based locally out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. We focus on unique, one of a kind soaps, with a mystical twist. Most of our soaps are made with natural ingredients and essential oils.

The Broomsquire of Dewy Rose


Besoms and other brooms, handmade using natural materials…ceremonial, decorative and functional.

Cabs by Bev

I have been hand-cutting and polishing semi-precious gemstones since 2010. I like to set them into unique jewelry pieces, rings, pendants, bracelets and brooches. We also offer a large selection of gemstone spheres and obelisks, rough mineral specimens, tumbled stones and more!

Double Take Productions LLC


Double Take Productions uses responsibly sourced materials to handcraft products that are both whimsical and practical. We specialize in custom orders for paintings, jewelry, and leather works.

Elemental Art Designs

Wire wrapped pendants, earrings, bracelets, dichroic glass, clay jewelry, bottles and journals, beach glass and sea shell items. Jewelry and art.

Elfie’s Hand Creations

A bright fun color collection of tie dyed goods for the whole family. Groovy T-shirts and skirts ( with pockets!) bandannas and more. Also check out the knitted wears.  🙂

The Enchanted Oak

We are a Pagan based business that specializes in Pagan based products and thinking. We also sell products and services in the broader metaphysical realm, including health and beauty items.

Fae’s Cabinet

Fae’s Cabinet is a new venture that brings an eclectic variety of artisans together in one shop.  We have gathered together a mix of hand crafted art and crystals, plants, bones and oddities.  This will be a treasure trove for oddity enthusiasts.

Fairy Dog Woods

We have a large selection of Pagan, Wiccan & other paranormal books (new & used) , sterling silver & base metal jewelry, loose gemstones & geodes, as well as witchey knick knacks.

Fairy Fortunes by Ruby Ruse


Fairy Fortunes offers entertaining divination readings.  The Fairy Fortunes cards feature fae beings from around the world, while the fairy Ruby Ruse sings to you an answer to a question you pose.

Golden Green Soap Company

Skin Loving- Soul Soothing Bath and Body Products – Handmade Soaps, bath bombs, lotions and scrubs and bath and body products.

Grimnirs Crossroad Kindred


Grimnirs Crossroad Kindred (GCK) is a universalist kindred located in central and southern Indiana, with membership throughout the state. Proud signers of Declaration 127, and actively work to combat the negative reputation of heathenry by those who use the faith to spread hate and intolerance.

GypsyWitch Tarot Readings & Spiritual Work

GypsyWitch Tarot Readings & Spiritual Work offers clients a unique experience into the mystical experience of readings & sacred healing.

The Handcrafter

Featuring machine embroidered work, crochet tip towels, and knitted dish cloths.

Knotty & Nyce


Beautiful unique micro-macramé jewelry paired with handpicked gemstones.  One of a kind works of fiber art created right here in Fort Wayne!  From animal keychains to ornate headpieces, there’s something to appeal to all ages!

Leather Tramp Art

Hand made leather art. Handbags, key chains, journals, business card holders.

Madame Jaede’s River of Bones

Madame Jaede’s River of Bones originates from Columbia City, Indiana. Madame Jaede is a practitioner of osteomancy, or the art of bone divination . The company also will be including an assortment of handcrafted Pagan items, and other spiritual work.

Manda D. Art


Amanda Dornbush is a home based artist who specializes in fantasy and nature based art. Each painting is one of a kind made to brighten up any space, with hand embellishments of gold and glitter to ensure every where you look there is something new to find.

M.R. Crafts and Essentials

We are a family of witches who sell hand and home made quality jewelry and essential oils.  Fun scents, also have soaps, jewel boxes and lotions for you.  Blessings are built in for every item we sell.

Naturally Charmed Path

We are both ordained minister, September is a Certified Healing Crystal Therapist and Roger is the official Geode Cracker expert. We have 60 plus crystal and mineral specimens in tumble and rough form. Natural stone jewelry and home decor that is already cleansed and charged up!
We also have crack your own geodes!!! We have geodes from $5-$20 our geodes come from 4 different mines in Mexico plus we carry the gorgeous and famous Moroccan geode varieties-and yes you get to participate in cracking your unique geode open!
We are all on our individual paths, our mission is to make sure your path, is Naturally Charmed!

Poisoner’s Apothecary


Poisoner’s Apothecary is a traveling apothecary peddling unique occult wares, strange herbs, and arcane lore.  I specialize in traditional European witchcraft and American Folk Magic, particularly the use of herbs, roots and resins in rituals, charms and talismans.  I have a unique collection of tools and relics reminiscent of Old World Witchcraft, crafted by hand using woods, roots and other materia magica.

Sophia’s Portico

Sophia’s Portico, Inc., established in 1992, is an art and spirituality center focusing on the development of the feminine through education, the arts and earth-based spirituality.

Unleash the Goddess

Unleash the Goddess is a full service boutique featuring the art and creations of Kerri Hirsch-Upton. We also focus on plus sized clothing as well as all things geekdom.

The Upper Crust

We are a small vendor that specializes in rocks, gems and minerals, as well as jewelry for both the pagan community and the general public. We try to provide as much information as possible about all the minerals we sell, because we believe education is one of our most important functions. We also try to sell our merchandise at reasonable prices, to allow everyone who wants to be able to purchase quality pieces.

Usborne Books and More

Usborne Books & More and Kane Miller offer a multitude of books for babies through young adults.

Wired Whymsy

Wired Whymsy explores the world of uniquely handcrafted jewelry and wearable art in a variety of materials. Striving for an ethically sourced, sustainable future, pieces feature everything from copper and gemstones to upcycled garments and textiles, all mindfully crafted, with talismanic suitability in mind.