Vendor Application Information

Join us as a vendor at 2020 Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day! Read the following information and complete the application at the bottom of the page.


SINGLE BOOTH- 10×10 space

Space is limited and every inch is important. Please be considerate of neighboring booths by keeping tent tension lines and stakes within the 10×10 feet space.

Booths are limited to one group per space. Participants may not rent booth space and then add other vendors, readers or healers to their space without approval from the PPD staff

Children under the age of 16 may NOT work at any booth or table unless registered prior to the event by the merchant.

Children under 12 years of age must be attended by a responsible adult at all times.

Readers/Healers may either post their standard Price List for viewing or may work for “Tips” if they choose. Note: If “Tip” jars are used in lieu of standard price, the reader or healer may not send away any patron regardless of their ability or willingness to tip. Must have “For Entertainment Purposes” posted in their booth.


$70 for a single indoor space for Retail vendors and Healer/Readings. Indoor spaces are VERY limited. Add $40 for each space in addition to the first space inside.

$55 for a single 10×10 foot outdoor space for Retail vendors and Healer/Readings. Add $20 for each space in addition to the first space outside.

$0- for NON-PROFIT GROUPS. Each non-profit group is limited to a single outdoor 10×10 foot free space. If additional space is required, each additional 10×10 foot space may be available for purchase for $20.

$0-INFORMATIONAL/COMMUNITY GROUPS. Each informational/community group is limited to a single outdoor 10×10 foot free space.

Payment must be received for your vending space no later than July 1, 2020.  Arrangements will be made if you applied to be a vendor after that date.  Please watch your email for information from the Vendor Coordinator.

If payment is not received within the appropriate time your vendor space will not be held and you will need to reapply.

All vendors will agree to donate an item with a value of $10.00 or more (product, reading, healing, etc.). The items will be used for door prizes and/or a silent auction. Please deliver your donation to the registration table by 10 am the day of the event.

There is no shade or rain cover at this event. It is suggested that you provide a canopy, tent or umbrella for shelter. All vendors/booths must supply their own table and chairs. Removing tables/chairs from inside the pavilion is strictly PROHIBITED

This is a family-oriented event. No adult-themed items can be displayed. No alcoholic beverages.

LINK EXCHANGE AGREEMENT: Any artisan, merchant, reader, healer, group or organization that hosts a website agrees to post -in a prominent area of their website- an announcement for the Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day Event. The announcement should remain posted until the day of the event.

Once payment has been received for booth space, each vendor is allowed to post once a week to the PPD page. (Please note this is the page, not the event.) If you have multiple events that week, we recommend that your one post be a link to your page where your events are displayed.


Set up will be from 9am-10:30 am. All vendors must be on site by 10am. Vendors agree to not begin tear down of their space until 6 p.m.

Vehicles Loading/Unloading

Space is very limited so we ask that vehicles not remain in the loading areas for very long.

Vendors may pull up to unload, but must move their vehicles to the parking area before setting up their booth

In the evening, please have your booth torn down before loading your car. This ensures that we can also get the pavilion cleaned up in a timely manner.

You may unload from the parking lot any time you choose after 9 a.m.

All booth trash will be placed in the dumpsters located on the back side of the pavilion. All boxes are to be broken down and stacked.

All booths must be packed and vendors off the premises by 8 p.m.

No moving of booths once they are set up without permission from the Pagan Pride staff/management.


All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and lawful manner at all times.

Prohibited behavior includes but is not limited to:



Verbal or physical abuse towards staff/volunteers/patrons/other vendors

Any vandalism of the event space/restrooms or parking lot.

No nudity, semi-nudity, or items with explicit sexual content allowed

No alcohol, drugs or firearms

No pets

No open flames

Vendors are responsible for all members of their party, group, organization and family.

If at any time your behavior disrupts the event or is disrespectful to the participants, guests or staff members; you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

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