This Year’s Rituals

Opening ritual

Facilitator: Beth Zimmerman

A gathering of our presenters and warding of the space, we will connect to the land and bless everyone who comes through this space. We will unite our energies to provide a sacred space using the four elements, underlying the day’s work with a live connection to the universe around us. Please feel free to join and contribute your energy – it will be a joyous and positive connection of souls!

Main Ritual: The Armoring

Facilitator: Shawn Hodel

We all go through things in life. We all have our personal battles. We fall down yet keep getting up. Join us in embracing this warrior energy. And bring an item you want to imbue with this energy .

Closing Ritual

Facilitator: Shawn Hodel

Time to take down the wards and give thanks to those that made this day possible. Also to reflect on the things we learned and experienced throughout the day