This Year’s Workshops

Self Care

Presenter: Shawn Hodel

As followers of magical paths we tend to do for others without question more often than not. Society presses people to do more and more. This workshop will show the importance of sometimes saying no, and how taking care of ourselves is sometimes the best magic we can perform.

Weaving 101

Presenter: Beth Zimmerman

This workshop is FUN, and that’s the point! We’re going to work on high magick here, learning how to intentionally do something that almost all of us do by accident on a regular basis. We’ll be dancing and moving together, although we will comfortably work with each person’s mobility levels. These familiar songs will remind us to be strong when we’re struggling, to seek solutions to tricky problems, and to consciously control our mood and energy in daily life. This is a great workshop for mental health and personal empowerment!

British Isles Folkloric Tradition

Presenter: A.C. Fisher-Aldag

British Isles Folkloric Tradition — how is it different / similar to British Traditional Witchcraft? To Wicca? Innovators such as Gardner and Cochrane may have observed some authentic witchcraft traditions in England and Cornwall, and incorporated them into their praxes. Includes: Rituals, lore, deities, holiday celebrations, creating sacred / liminal space, spell workings, ritual dramas, and of course some artefacts.

How to Ritual

Presenter: Shawn Hodel

Curious on what a ritual is, how to come up with one, or what even makes one up? Join us as we discuss different aspects of rituals. Also discussion of what makes them important in our magickal lives.