Dear Community:

An image with a black background with a foggy gray overlay. On the right side of the image is a line work phoenix in red, orange, and white. On the top and left sides of the image, there is text that reads "Fort Wayne Pagan Pride/ Rising From The Ashes/ September 24th 2022/ Conklin Pavilion, Shoaff Park 6401 St. Joe Road, Fort Wayne, IN" in alternating lines of light gray, and overlapping red, orange, and white.

Caption: “Fort Wayne Pagan Pride: Rising From The Ashes; September 24th 2022; Conklin Pavilion, Shoaff Park 6401 St. Joe Road, Fort Wayne, IN”

We are pleased to announce that for Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day 2022, we will be returning to an IN PERSON event at Conklin Pavilion in Shoaff Park!

We are still organizing and planning the details for this event, so check back here periodically for more announcements as they come, or visit our Facebook page to interact with the community and keep updated with the latest information on Rituals, Workshops, and Entertainment that we have lined up!

And while you’re waiting, also check out our T-Shirt Shop to get your official FWPPD merch, and help us fundraise for future events!

We can’t wait to see you September 24th for a wonderful day of connection

-2022 Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day Planning Committee

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