Ritual Application

Ritual Application

We are looking for ritualists to lead 3 rituals at Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day. Fill out the application below for consideration!

Please read “Ritual Information and Guidelines” and the application instructions carefully!

Ritual Information and Guidelines

Opening Ritual:

Start Time: 11am EDT

Opening Ritual typically serves the purpose of opening up the event, welcoming everyone in, and setting intentions and mood for the day. This ritual should be around 30 minutes in length.

Main Ritual:

Start Time: Typically 1pm EDT

Main Ritual typically relates to our event theme in some way, but that is not required. This ritual should be around 60 minutes (1 hour) in length.

Closing Ritual:

End Time: 6pm EDT

Closing Ritual serves the purpose of closing out the event, reflecting on the day, and giving thanks for the blessings of the day. This ritual should be around 30 minutes in length.


Please fill out one “Applicant” fieldset per person applying on this application (click “ADD APPLICANT” to add an applicant). For group applications, it is preferred that all applicants be present when filling out this application to ensure the most accurate information possible.

Note: Group applications should only be used for a singular ritual that will be led by more than one person.